Why the name Falcon Road?

Why the name Falcon Road?

We want something that relates to New Zealand while also representing certain core values of our business. The Falcon has always represented the strength of leadership and the vision of a hunter; the uncanny ability to see beyond what may present to others as reality and to channel self-leadership and independent thought. The New Zealand Falcon is one of the country’s birds that is under threat and going forward we will be supporting the Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre.

Why the logo and colours?

Central to Falcon Road is a falcon-themed logo, embodying values of excellence and forward momentum. This symbol signifies strength and timelessness, while reflecting the brand's commitment to achieving remarkable results for clients.

The colour palette of Navy, Gold and Silver have been chosen based on the Falcon colours.

What is the vision?

Falcon Road embodies a mission to provide an unparalleled real estate journey.

The vision is to be the epitome of excellence and empowerment in real estate, setting new standards while fostering lasting trust. With integrity as the cornerstone, collaboration as a catalyst, and clients at the core, our desire is to build relationships that stand on trust, transparency, and mutual success.

What other graphics do you have?

Our brand team created some captivating graphic elements which take you on a journey mirroring the flight stages of a falcon, a reflection of our brand's essence and the trajectory we guide our clients through. The first graphic below is Take off:  Embark on a journey as we symbolize the first step in the falcon's flight. This phase mirrors the beginning of the client’s real estate endeavours. Just as the falcon gains momentum, Falcon Road provides a strong foundation, ensuring your aspirations take off seamlessly.